From left: Bobby Jindal, Hillary Clinton and Scott Walker are shown in this composite. | AP Photos/Getty

Thats why having something much more comprehensive is really going to be a priority, he said. Nearly all of the potential 2016 Republican candidates still say theyre fully committed to repealing Obamacare including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has already spelled out his repeal plan, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who just won House passage of another budget thats built on repeal. The one whos taking a softer line right now is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whos seen as one of the GOPs best hopes on other issues crucial to 2016 success. Recently, he has taken the line in interviews that he doesnt like Obamacare, but its the law and hes not going to sabotage it. Obviously, Governor Walker disagrees with the Affordable Care Act. However, it is the law, said Walker press secretary Laurel Patrick.